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This is a funny wall hanging I am making for my daughter Nilou. It will have nice brass endings on each side of the white rod


I am playing with the exotic atmosphere in the house. Being in Australia is pretty exotic to me :) and adding all the stuff use to make me dream of a good life when I was a little girl gives me a satisfying sense of achievement (even if there is still so much to do…)

Macramé brings this Bahamas patio kinda look…


Wendell is a fan of orchids. Unlike me, he knows the proper treatment for each and every one of them and they survive!


Our neighbour in Sydney has a banana tree, this is for me the essence of exoticism. We are going to plant his brother on the other side of the fence


I learnt macramé recently (shame on me) with the best possible teacher, the famous Australian designer Tamara Maynes. She is the one who gave macramé back to the world by rubbing off its 70ies dated image and created amazing pieces which have a place of choice in our modern interiors.

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