Cours de photo avec BROOKE HOLME / Photography class with Brooke Holm - Flore Vallery-Radot

Cours de photo avec BROOKE HOLME / Photography class with Brooke Holm


I really enjoyed attending Brooke Holm’s photography class at The School in Sydney. Brooke is divine. She is charming and very pretty. The School guru, Megan Morton warned us. She is not like those famous designers doing a conference and who tell you half the story, hiding their real recipes and secrets. Brooke gives it all.

She shares her tricks of the trade completely and in a simple language unveils the world of interior photography. I realised that I was pretty naive regarding the whole process. I thought people had a perfect house, a perfect photographer came to take a few pictures, added a bit of light here and there and sent a USB to Elle Décoration… Well, now I know that 50% of a photo happens in Lightroom (a software).

This is for me the very begining of an amazing adventure which will hopefully allow me to enhance my photos and the way I present my work and the products we cherish and sell at

Have a look at Brooke’s website and her enchanting blog.









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